Show us Your Soyuz! Win a Launcher!

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Today marks the beginning of our new «Launcher of The Month» contest:

an ongoing — indefinitely until further notice — monthly showcase & giveaway

We love seeing what all of you in our Soyuz family are working on ; how you use your Soyuz gear to create and do what do you do best!

Consider this a monthly show-and-tell.

Share your best photos or videos of your Soyuz gear in action.
Or stage a Soyuz shot in the most interesting surroundings you can find — or create.

Each month we will award the creator of our favorite post with a new Launcher.

Don’t yet own any Soyuz gear?

Feeling inspired in a different way?

Share your best Soyuz artwork, animation, audio production, short story —
use whatever medium to which you are inclined!

As long as it’s Soyuz related, we’ll take it and there are no limits to the number of posts or entries!

To enter, make sure you follow @SoyuzMicrophones on Instagram and like us on Facebook.
Tag us in your post and use the hashtags:

#SoyuzMicrophones and #LauncherOfTheMonth

Make sure to use BOTH hashtags as this is how we will be able to find your posts!

All entries will also be eligible to be featured on our pages and stories.

Winners will be announced each month in our email newsletter so make sure you stay tuned and subscribe here:

Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!