This is no ordinary ivory box. Imagine a little box that could bring that old school magic sound to recordings made with a common dynamic mic and an ordinary interface.

Impossible? Not anymore. Introducing the Soyuz Launcher.
$229 USD

That Magic Little Box

The Launcher is not meant to be transparent and clean like other “gain boosters” on the market. Imagine taking a piece of a vintage analog console and putting it in a magic little box. It’s no longer a fantasy with the Launcher.

If you’ve ever struggled to get “that” sound when plugging your mic into an interface without an external preamp, then struggle no more. The Launcher makes your mics sound like they’re running through a vintage console– even when they’re plugged into a simple interface or PA system.

Dream in Color

The Launcher imparts a truly special character and color that will bring your sound to the next level.

With its custom hand-wound transformer, the Launcher’s warm character will forever change the way you look at dynamic and ribbon microphones.

Prepare for Take Off

Whether on the stage, in the booth, or in your bedroom, the Launcher gives your microphones the ability to perform incredibly with virtually any interface or preamp by optimizing the sound of your source, boosting your gain by 26dB, and lowering the amount of audible noise in your signal chain.

Hear the Launcher

Listen to just a single SM57 with and without The Launcher going into the stock preamps of a UA Apollo 8pmkii. All passes were level matched before recording and there is absolutely no processing on the way in. Both tracks are mixed identically using just volume and panning. There is no EQ, compression, etc.

Countdown to
Perfect Sound

The Launcher is the culmination of years of beta testing and feedback from real musicians and engineers around the world. At points we thought that we were chasing a phantom, but we refused to give up until the winning combination was found. The Launcher’s custom transformer and proprietary circuit have become one of Soyuz’s most closely guarded secrets.

Take Your Sound With You

If you’re a musician, home or professional engineer, podcaster, voiceover artist, or just someone who loves making videos, the Launcher will take your sound to the next level. You don’t need a huge studio to have a huge sound– the Launcher will get you there no matter the time or place.

The Story of the Launcher

+ by Noriko Okaku

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At Soyuz we're fans of art and creativity in all their forms. So when it came time to create content about the Launcher we wanted to try something completely different. We reached out to our friend Noriko Okaku, an award-winning Japanese animator based in London. We explained to her what the Launcher was all about and asked her to make up a myth about how it came into being. We hope you enjoy her creation as much as we did!

The Launcher Formula

Dynamic Mic
Secret Analog
Kickass Sound
Every Launcher is hand-built in our own facility.
the Launcher
$229 USD