Launchers in The Wild | Drums

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What happens when you record with a Soyuz Launcher on every channel?

Amazing sounds of course!

Recently, our friends Cem Misirlioglu (Sessa) and Mikey Coltun (Mdou Moctar) ventured out to a remote location in upstate New York along with 5 Launchers to find what magic they could work on drums.

Watch as the Launchers are put to the test on every track. Hear before and after examples across several different styles and grooves to see how The Launcher adds a healthy dose of color and character on each mic.

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1960’s Japanese Star Drums
Snare + Kick: Sm57
Overheads: Beyer M160
Far Mic: Beyer M160

Cem Misirlioglu: Drums, Video
Mikey Coltun: Recording
Mert Öztekin: Animations
Can Misirlioglu: Editing, Video