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DAW Specific Setup Instructions

Covering Pro Tools Ultimate, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Cubase Pro and more

DAW Specific Setup Instructions

Covering Pro Tools Ultimate, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Cubase Pro and more



Cable Color Guide

Your microphone features four capsules, each corresponding to a specific direction for capturing sound. To ensure you connect each capsule correctly, we've color-doded the connections.

Preamp Level Matching

Use four identical preamps and ensure that all four channels are set to equal gain. This is crucial to capture an accurate sound field and prevents any discrepancies in your recording.

D Directional Indicator

On the microphone, you'll find a directional indicator, marked by a dot. This dot should be oriented towards the main focus of your recording space or considered the "north star" for your setup. Here's why it's important:

Orientation: The indicator helps you position the microphone correctly in relation to your sound source, ensuring optimal capture.

Post-Processing Reference: This orientation serves as a crucial reference during post-processing, helping to accurately recreate the sound field.

The 013 AMBISONIC microphone is designed to capture sound from all directions in a 360-degree sphere. This unique capability allows you to experience audio as if you were right in the middle of the recording, hearing it from every possible direction

Imagine you’re in the center of a sphere, and you can hear sounds coming from above, below, in front, behind, and from the sides. The 013 AMBISONIC microphone records all these directions simultaneously, creating a 3D sound field.

Immersive Soundscapes & In-Depth Recordings:
Create a fully immersive audio experience, enveloping your audience in sound from every direction no matter what they’re listening on.

Post-Production & Flexibility in Mixing:
Easy-to-use, included Soyuz plugins allow you shift the sound around “the room” to dial in your optimal sound and placement even after recording

Simple Setup. Consistent Results:
A one-mic solution to easily capture three-dimensional audio. 4 independent outputs and 4 phase-coherent capsules make the 013 Ambisonic easy to set up for exciting and repeatable results in every session.

Versatile Application:
Perfect for any studio production, music, VR, film, music, and interactive media such as gaming, Ambisonic technology is versatile enough to bring any project to life.

Future-Proof and Format-Agnostic:
Ambisonic audio is not bound to any specific playback format, such as Dolby Atmos, making it truly versatile and adaptable for any audio playback system now and in the future

The 013 Ambisonic will work flawlessly in any format you choose. especially in stereo. 

Use it to capture entire rooms, performances, and full bands as a one mic solution and broaden your stereo field or supplement your close mics. It’s a perfect choice to record complex instruments and enhance sources with additional space like drums, string ensembles, and more.

Because it captures the entire 360-degree sound field, you have a ton of sonic information to work with and mix to your liking. Manipulate the width, depth, and directionality of your sound for your desired realism or feeling. 

Add exciting dynamics to your productions and make them stand out beyond the traditional recording formats. All of this happens without emulation, the results are the real thing

Plus, the Ambisonic format is completely future-proof and adaptable. So should you ever need to move to surround, atmos, etc it will translate effortlessly

Nope! All that is needed is a four-channel preamp or interface with four matching mic inputs.

The 013 AMBISONIC records sound from each of it’s four mic capsules individually using the included 4 channel mic cable. 

The included Soyuz Transcoder and Decoder plugins are compatible with ProTools, Logic, Reaper, Cubase and every DAW that accepts VST or AU plugins and allows you to process your audio in any way and playback on any system

Easy! We’ve outlined a short and simple step by stop process for every DAW here

YES! As long as you track the inputs in the order of 1-4 or Red Yellow Green Blue as labeled you should have no problems working with this audio later. Just be sure that everything is gain matched when you record.

What sounds best to you is best! However, there are some baseline steps we strongly suggest.

We recommend keeping the mic placed vertically when possible - this will make things much easier in post. Using the dot indicator on the front of the microphone, position this in the way you would want to theoretically “face” your sound and balance the sounds, instruments, etc around it. For example, if recording a string quartet, you could arrange musicians in 4 different zones surrounding the mic (placing the mic in the middle. Move the instruments closer or farther away from the mic depending on how loud you would like them to be perceived at first. On playback, without changing anything, this will give you a noticeable sense of width and seperation that feels natural to the listener. Experiment with this starting point and work from there!

The Soyuz Ambisonic plugin bundle is included with your microphone. The serial number of you mic is attached to an individual activation license. Follow the link below to register you mic and your code and activation instructions will automatically be sent to you!

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