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Soyuz Spotlight: Willis Sound

Willis Sound is a recording studio just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan that’s enshrined in timeless character. When co-founders Ben Lorenz and Jason Magee found the building — a church built in the mid-1800s — it had been abandoned for years. They teamed up with Vintage…

Good Ideas Have No Borders: The Parallels Between Soyuz Microphones and Tetris

Words by Tom Edwards. Images by Scotty Iulianelli (Analog Prints) DISCLAIMER: This post contains spoilers. In Apple’s new film, Tetris, we see American video game designer and salesperson Henk Rogers (played by Taron Egerton) embark upon a years-long struggle to gain licensing rights to the game…

A Message from Soyuz Co-Founder David Arthur Brown

A Message From Soyuz’ Co-founder My name is David Brown. I’m the co-founder of Soyuz Microphones. I’m an American. I co-founded Soyuz back in 2014 with my partner and dear friend, Pavel, who is Russian. Even then, our countries didn’t get along very well and we…

Meet Your New Overlord?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT and how it’s going to revolutionize the world as we know it. We decided to put it to the test with a couple of simple copywriting tasks. The results weren’t perfect but were pretty…

FAQ: Soyuz Launcher Deluxe Stereo Inline Microphone Preamp

The Launcher Deluxe has been out in the world for over a month now and we’ve been getting tons of great feedback. We love hearing how you are using the stereo inline microphone preamp, so please keep tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. In…

Soyuz Spotlight: Vibe Cave Studios

Every musician, audio engineer, and producer has their own approach to making records. For Braeden “Pockets” Rangno, it’s all about getting distinct sounds that no one else can achieve. To do this, Braeden created a unique place, a recording sanctuary filled with interesting gear choices that…

Soyuz 1973: Recording Via Mardot

The 1973 was created specifically to bring the classic sound of our handmade microphones to bedroom music makers, at-home recording enthusiasts, and project studio engineers. Like our other mics, the 1973 is neither a copy nor a clone, but rather a “modern classic.” It was developed…

Meet The 1973 From Soyuz Microphones

Soyuz Microphones has unleashed the 1973, a microphone that is unique as it manages to be both fully handmade and relatively affordable. This large diaphragm condenser mic is our most budget-conscious to date with a price tag of $799. Inspired by the golden age of FET…

Soyuz Launcher Deluxe: Recording & Mixing Via Mardot

For the release of the Launcher Deluxe, we wanted to head into a studio and track an artist from start to finish with the stereo inline microphone preamp on every source. But, we wouldn’t stop there. No, we also wanted to mix the final track with…

A Guide To The Soyuz Microphones Launcher Deluxe Stereo Inline Microphone Preamp

What Is The Launcher Deluxe? The Launcher Deluxe is both a passive stereo saturator and colorful in-line mic preamp intended to amplify, colorize, and provide extra mojo to virtually any type of microphone or sound source. The Launcher Deluxe uses Neutrik combo jacks for the flexibility…
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