023 series


Workhorse FET Condenser Microphone
$1199 USD
  • Thick low-end, pronounced mid-range, and smooth top-end
  • Includes 20 dB pad for loud sources
  • Custom large capsule designed and machined in-house
  • Proprietary toroidal transformer imparts color and depth
  • Comes in a hand-crafted Russian hardwood box
  • 100% handmade at the Soyuz Base in Tula, Russia

Color and Clarity

Greg Wells
Adele, Ariana Grande, Keith Urban
Wow. Quite blown away by the sound. I compared [Bomblet and SU-017] to my holy grail 47 and 251, and they happily live on the same city block, which is a tiny snobby elitist block!!!!

The Workhorse

The Bomblet is one of the easiest microphones in the world to use. Regardless of placement and distance, you can expect a full and balanced sound. Its forgiving nature is what makes it the primary choice for singers looking for a warm, colorful texture without hiding the original tonality. On louder and bass-heavy sources like electric guitar, kick drum, and bass amp, the Bomblet delivers a tight, full-bodied punch that will capture the low-end extension of your instrument with enough clarity to cut through a dense mix. Its custom transformer imparts a thickness and character that enhances the tone you’ve worked years crafting simply by hitting record.
Soyuz 023
Female Vocals
Hear the Bomlet on female vocals.

Guitar Amp


Electric Bass


Kick Drum


Drum Overheads

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Innovation Through Heritage

The engineers at Soyuz spent years honing their craft studying, servicing, and working on the classics. They poured all of their knowledge into creating the Bomblet’s custom S23 capsule– a special capsule with a forgiving yet detailed top end, a thick low-end, and a pronounced mid-range. The Bomblet’s distinct top-end is what truly makes it special with its ability to flatter high frequencies instead of exaggerating them.


As with all Soyuz microphones, the Bomblet is completely handmade: bodies and capsules are manually machined and transformers are wound in-house in Tula, Russia. The Bomblet’s unique character comes from the triple back plate system which is unlike any other capsule in production.


Type: Condenser microphone
Capsules: Two 33mm membranes (one gold sputtered)
Frequency Range: 30Hz/18kHz
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Sensitivity: 25 mV/Pa
Impedance: 190 Ohms
SPL -140 dB
Equivalent Noise: 18 dB (a-weighted)
Power: 48V Phantom
Size: 194mm length x 47mm diameter
Weight: 510g
Extra: Wooden microphone box, -20 dB pad, mic holder