Recording Studio Loser Puts Soyuz Microphones And The Launcher To The Test

When Jeremy over at Recording Studio Loser recently reached out about demoing our microphones and The Launcher, we assumed he wanted to try them on a few different sessions and hear how they sounded. And that’s what he did… Except he took it a step even further and made two fantastic videos highlighting our gear in action.

In the first video, Jeremy puts the 013 Series, 017 Series, 023 Bomblet and The Launcher to the test during a recording session at his studio. His set-up includes two 013 TUBEs as overheads on a drum kit, The Launcher boosting an R44 also in the overhead position, the 023 Bomblet in the kick out position and an 017 FET on a guitar amp. Watch the video below to hear Jeremy’s thoughts on each mic/source combination and hear examples of everything he tracked solo’d and in the mix.

Jeremy goes further in-depth on The Launcher in the next video. While The Launcher was created to boost stale-sounding microphones, the pint-sized white box is also adept at adding vibes to tracks during the mixing process. Check out the video below to see Jeremy explain his set-up for this mix session and hear how he adds flavor to the drum and bass tracks with The Launcher.

If you’re interested in checking out our microphones for yourself, sign up for our demo program here. To see more videos from Jeremy, head over to the Recording Studio Loser YouTube page and be sure to hit subscribe.