Soyuz Enters a New Era: Introducing New Products and Beyond

The Tulean Explosion

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to tell you about what 2024 has in store for Soyuz.

You may have heard about the Cambrian Explosion – when roughly 500 million years ago, the range and diversity of life on Earth rapidly increased. At Soyuz, we seem to be in the midst of a similar event.

We’re calling it the Tulean (rhymes with Julian) Explosion, named after our hometown of Tula. 

After releasing a new mic every year or so, we’ve reached a point in our company’s history where our R&D team, manufacturing facilities, and creative staff are firing on all cylinders resulting in a huge increase in the number of new products we’re developing.

Here are just a few of them that we’ll be giving sneak peeks of at this year’s NAMM show:

Soyuz 11th Anniversary: Wax Brass Bomblet

Limited Edition

 At Soyuz, we’re fond of prime numbers. You’ll notice that all of our mics are named after them: 017, 013, 023, 1973 etc. In that same spirit, we decided to celebrate our ELEVENTH anniversary instead of our tenth. We wanted to do something special to commemorate this milestone so we decided to make a limited edition of our much loved 023 Bomblet. Instead of aluminum, it features brass. Instead of lacquer, the brass has been waxed and will age over time with a one-of-a-kind patina. In addition to prime numbers, we have a mild obsession with all things outer space related. In each 11th Anniversary Bomblet, we’ve soldered a tiny fragment of a meteorite into the mic’s signal path. Does this affect the sound? Probably not. Do we think it’s inspiring to pass audio through a meteorite? Absolutely. We’ve only made 53 of these mics (yes, another prime number) so if you can find one, we suggest you grab it quickly!


In response to the rising popularity of immersive audio formats like Dolby ATMOS, VR, and Sony 360, we’ve developed the 013 Ambisonic microphone.

The 013A sets a new standard for quality in the industry by breaking away from traditional electret capsule designs, instead using four handmade 25mm capsules from our renowned 013 series. The 013 Ambisonic is like having four of our 013 FET microphones configured in a single array designed to capture any audio environment with extraordinary depth and realism. Additionally, the 013A features four custom transformers.

The 013 Ambisonic is poised to be the “Rolls Royce” of ambisonic mics and sets a new standard for fidelity and immersion in the world of ambisonic recording.

The Lakeside Series: Lakeside Preamp

Introducing the first in a new series of exciting outboard recording equipment, The Lakeside Series preamp. Our customers often ask, “What mic pre do you recommend?” The answer is now clear. The Lakeside Series, the first of which is a single rack mount mic pre, is designed, developed, and made entirely in our factory in Tula. The Lakeside preamp features our custom transformers, discrete electronics, a sweepable high pass filter, a direct HI-Z input, and a design that is unmistakably Soyuz. The Lakeside Preamp has been carefully designed to complement every Soyuz product and its sonic signature will enhance any other mics in your collection.

011 FET
Transformerless Small Diaphragm Condensers

The 011 FET offers a fresh sound to the world of small diaphragm condenser microphones. We’ve developed an entirely new capsule in collaboration with a legendary designer and mad scientist – the same mad scientist who personally trained our very own mad scientist. Together we developed the 011 FET capsule to be something truly unique and unlike anything in the past.

With a transformerless design and a smaller body than our flagship SDCs, we seek to make the 011 FETS widely accessible – offering a superior sound experience in a compact and affordable package.

Available in black and nickel finishes, the 011 FET is bound to become a new favorite for transformerless SDC pairs.

Stay Tuned...

This only scratches the surface for what we’re working on.
  Follow us throughout the coming months as we reveal details on these products and possibly introduce more on the way.

We appreciate all of you in this ever-growing community and thank you for an incredible 11 years so far.

We’re excited to kickstart this journey at the 2024 Winter NAMM show.
We invite you to join us at booth 14204 to experience our entire lineup and discover the firsthand future of original sound with Soyuz Microphones.

Looking forward to creating with you.

Это только малая часть того, над чем мы работаем в данный момент. Следите за нашими новостями в ближайшие месяцы, чтобы узнать подробности про вышеназванные продукты и о том, что ждет нас дальше.

Мы ценим каждого участника нашего постоянно растущего сообщества и благодарны за эти невероятные 11 лет с нами.

Мы рады начать новую веху с зимней выставки 2024 NAMM Show. Приглашаем всех на стенд стенд 14204 познакомиться с нашим модельным рядом и самим прикоснуться к будущему звука вместе с микрофонами СОЮЗ.  

Создадим это будущее вместе!


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