What’s The Difference? Comparing The 011 FET and 013 FET

Earlier this month (May 2024) we released the latest addition to the Soyuz family and introduced our newest mic series with the 011 FET Small Diaphragm Condenser.

We’ve been so pleased with the positive response and feedback so far and look forward to hearing more real world examples! 

With that, one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received has been how the 011 FETS compare to our
classic, flagship, small diaphragm condensers, the 013 FETS.

We put together this quick overview and comparison to hopefully help you determine which mic is best suited for your individual needs – depending on your own specific use cases and the general sounds you prefer.  


Size & Build:

Both The 011 FET and 013 FET are original designs that are entirely handmade in-house and use our own hand-machined capsules. 

And while these two mics do use different capsules and circuitry but right away, the most obvious difference between these mics is in their size

The 013 FET is noticeably larger with a capsule diameter of 25mm . It features our custom toroidal transformer and is available in our signature cream and brass finish or matte black.

The 011 FET is intentionally more compact and discrete with a transformerless design and capsule diameter of 19mm

These physical differences also play a significant role in their sound. 


The Sound:

The 011 FET and 013 FET both have the hallmark traits of the Soyuz sound – smooth and musical, never harsh or boxy

The general midrange response of the two mics is similar, but the larger capsule on the 013 FETS gives them a deeper and more extended low-end response. 

The tuning of 013 FET capsule, along with its custom transformer, gives this mic a slightly softer sound overall with a darker roll-off on the top end. You could compare it to something like shooting a photo on film. There’s plenty of detail, but with a nice character that blends everything together in a natural way. 


The 011 FET’s smaller capsule gives it more of a tight and articulate sound. 

It has a controlled and focused low-end and is a tad brighter in comparison with more top end clarity and definiton. 

The transformerless circuitry gives it a lower noise floor and a faster transient response. 

It has much more exact detail which lends to a lively sound – but without too much attack and remaining musical.

The 011’s are cleaner overall, but take processing incredibly well and can easily be shaped or saturated to work however you’d like them too.

The 013’s have a bit of more of a character upfront that many people describe as “finished” sounding. 

Some Other Considerations...

Both the 011 FET and 013 FET ship in a custom oak case (also made in house) and include -10db in-line pads.
Both mics can handle great amounts of SPL and are versatile in any scenario.

We often say the 013 FET is similar to a hybrid of a large diaphragm and small diaphragm condenser with it’s sonic depth but detailed precision. So we encourage you to try it places you may not usually use a mic of this type and you’d be pleasantly surprised!

The 011’s on the other hand were intentionally made to be minimal and direct while still capturing sound with life and pleasing musicality.

When considering live use and front-of-house setups – the 013s have been out on countless tours with fantastic results; however, in many scenarios, the 011s with their smaller, lighter, and low-noise design could be exactly what you need to get perfect placement that stays out your way and offers more detail that cuts through the mix

Wrapping up:

No matter what you choose, The 013 FET or 011 FET will give you amazing sounds. You won’t go wrong either way.

Both of these mics complement each other nicely.
In the end, it’s just a matter of personal preference and whatever works better for your type of recording.

You can hear these mics side by side and compare them to rest of the Soyuz lineup by visiting our interactive Listening Library.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at all!

We look forward to hearing what you create! 



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