Introducing The 017 Series: Brass Black




The hometown of Soyuz, Tula, has a tradition of metallurgy dating back centuries. Local iron ore attracted craftsmen, who soon gained a reputation for the finest samovars in the Russian Empire. Where there are blacksmiths, there are guns. Soon Tula became a center of, not only plowshares, but swords. Then guns, then tanks, then missiles.

At Soyuz, we take pride in having re-directed the world-class skills of master machinists from local weapons factories into the manufacture of our world-class microphones. As a nod to the city’s military past, we are proud to introduce the Brass Black series, created by using a technique called bluing to treat the brass.

Traditionally used to protect steel firearms from rust, bluing gives our mics an original and timeless finish that will highlight this version of the 017 TUBE and 017 FET as the centerpiece of any mic locker.

THE 017 TUBE: BRASS BLACK – Limited to 20 Mics

As our flagship mic, the 017 TUBE has earned a reputation for its rich, lush, and timeless sound that will deliver a finished quality to any recording. The custom hand-machined capsule, toroidal transformer, and 6ZH1p tube provide the perfect combination of depth 

Only 20 Brass Black 017 TUBES were made and have been divided across the world.

THE 017 FET: BRASS BLACK – Limited to 25 Mics

The 017 FET represents the modern embodiment of the big, classic sound so highly prized in vintage microphones. Using the same capsule as its tube sibling, the 017 FET is a bit snappier in response and articulation making it perfect for applications like voiceover or sources where you want to capture extra nuance and detail.

Only 25 Brass Black editions were made.