Gearlounge’s Soyuz Days

Soyuz Days took place on June 28th and 29th, 2023 at Gearlounge with the aim of providing an opportunity for more individuals to experience the sound quality of Soyuz microphones. Participants were able to choose one microphone from a selection of six options, record and monitor their sound, and make comparisons.

What is Gearlounge?

Since its establishment in 2006 by Junghwa Lee, Founder & CEO, in Seoul, South Korea, Gearlounge has positioned itself as an industry innovator by meeting the technological needs of musicians and their audiences. At the heart of the company’s ethos lies the creation of an infrastructure that empowers musicians to access and leverage world-class brands and products. Gearlounge offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing B2B and B2C sales of professional audio, musical instruments, and home audio products, along with studio design and installation, product repair, and technical support.

Gearlounge has now forged connections with prominent figures in the K-Pop and South Korean Indie and Hip-Hop music recording and mixing scene. They have even been responsible for designing and installing SM Entertainment’s Concert Hall Studio. The significance of SM’s name in the Korean Pop industry cannot be overstated, and this development attests to the remarkable progress of Junghwa Lee’s project. The K-Pop fans reading this right now know it.

The event

Soyuz Days allowed the introduction of the “modern-classic” sound of Soyuz microphones to musicians and music enthusiasts in South Korea. Participants had the opportunity to choose two microphones out of six to experiment with – the 017 FET and 017 TUBE, the 023, the 013 FET and 013 Tube, and the 1973. After choosing two of these, participants got the chance to record and monitor their sessions at Gearlounge’s affiliated studio, GLAB Studios, gaining firsthand insights into working in a professional studio equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and an optimal recording and monitoring environment.

After the recording session, participants reconvened in Studio B, where they had the opportunity to compare their recordings and microphones using the monitoring system consisting of the HEDD Type MK 2 series and Tower Mains. Participants could monitor their entire session with simple effects applied and receive approximately 30 seconds of the original file for comparison in their own environment. The differences in tone, nuance, and response among the recorded sources were evident, and each vocalist had their own preferred microphone based on their style. The 017 FET had outstanding favorable responses for the rappers but its TUBE counterpart was one of the favorites for the singers, for example.

We are truly thankful for Gearlounge to have organized such an event to promote our brand to a music market that’s growing exponentially every day. We couldn’t be happier with the support and with all the reviews made by those who participated in the event.

See footage from Soyuz Days in the trailer below:


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