Take Your Sound With You

Take Your Sound With You

“Take Your Sound With You” follows four Los Angeles-based musicians/engineers doing what they do best– creating and capturing music on their own terms. Featuring Julian Cisneros, Hannah Moroz, Raquel Rodriguez, and Zach Fisher, the four talented artists talk about the role music plays in their lives while showing four different settings that the Soyuz Launcher thrives in.

Julian Cisneros – http://www.juliancisneros.com/
Hannah Moroz – https://hannahmoroz.bandcamp.com/
Raquel Rodriguez – https://raquel.la/
Zach Fisher – https://www.bigbadsoundla.com/

Featuring artist Skatey P – https://www.instagram.com/llsk8god
Featuring drums by Sam Brawner – http://www.sambrawner.com/

Directed, written, and edited by Charlene Gibbs – https://creativeadventure.club
Cinematography by Sammy Rothman – https://creativeadventure.club/
Cinematography by Ricky Chavez – http://www.bucketsmovingcompany.com/

Score by Nahneen Kula – https://nahneenkula.com
Sampled guitar by Kyle Crawford – https://www.instagram.com/donvalet/

The Regent Theater – http://www.spacelandpresents.com/events/regent-theater-dlta/
Big Bad Sound LA – https://www.bigbadsoundla.com/

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