Soyuz 11th Anniversary Wax Brass Bomblet

Over the past 11 years, Soyuz has earned a reputation for developing original and innovative tools adopted by artists and creators worldwide. As a company with a preference for prime numbers, Soyuz has decided to celebrate its 11th anniversary with the extremely limited release of the Wax Brass Bomblet – a tribute to their passion for space, science, and sound. 

A limited collection of just 53 mics, The Wax Brass Bomblet is a one-of-a-kind upgrade to the beloved 023 condenser microphone. This deluxe version features an unlacquered brass body with a wax coating and is designed to age with character over time. Each mic has been infused with meteorite fragments throughout its circuitry, blending raw beauty with a touch of the stars.

A Mic That Tells Your Story

Soyuz sees microphones as more than just tools to capture sound, they are instruments that document history and emotion. The mic’s original aluminum body is upgraded to an unlacquered brass. This noticeably heavier metal is given a light coat of wax that will naturally age and develop a gorgeous patina over time, symbolizing the records and memories you’ve made with the Wax Brass Bomblet by your side.

Choose to maintain its pristine condition with fresh wax, or let it mature over time, reflecting the legacy of your work.

Timeless Design. Timeless Sounds

Beyond its captivating looks, the Wax Brass Bomblet retains the soul of the 023 large diaphragm condenser, a favorite among respected musicians and engineers and known for its versatility and character. The 023 is a studio workhorse that delivers consistent results on every session. Acclaimed for its gentle high-end, rich midrange, and thick lows, the Bomblet is the go-to microphone for artists seeking a warm, yet authentic sound. It excels in handling high SPL and bass-heavy sources with a focused, robust punch that cuts through dense mixes. The Wax Brass Bomblet will easily tame aggressive frequencies on brighter sources without sacrificing transients or details.

From blaring guitar cabs and kick drums to subtle strings and vocals, the Wax Brass Bomblet will capture a spectrum of sounds with unmatched richness and clarity.

Space Age Engineering

Soyuz’s journey is rooted in space exploration. Each Wax Brass Bomblet houses fragments of a Campo del Cielo meteorite melded into its circuitry. At the microphone’s heart is the hand-machined S23 capsule, a Soyuz innovation with a triple backplate design inspired by LOMO’s take on the legendary CK12 capsule. Paired with a custom toroidal transformer, The Wax Brass Bomblet guarantees to deliver a distinct color and unmistakable quality to your recordings.

Your Chance to Own a Piece of Soyuz History

Established in 2013, Soyuz is the result of bringing diverse cultures and perspectives together to create something new. Handcrafted in a strictly limited run, the Wax Brass Bomblet is not just a microphone; it’s a rare collectible and a piece of Soyuz’s evolving history. There will only be 53 Wax Brass mics made and divided among retailers globally.

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