Many thanks to the legendary guitarist and composer Sergey Rudnev for taking part in our product video for the SU-013. Please note that this was not recorded in a studio, but rather in a side room of a theater in Tula. We let Sergey place a stereo pair of SU-013s where he thought they would sound best. Sadly, one of the mics picked up a large amount of traffic noise from the street, so we couldn’t use it. But the video and the performance were so nice, that we decided to just go with the mono track as recorded in an imperfect setting. So, rest assured, your SU-013 can sound much better than what we achieved in this video. We’ll be posting proper audio samples soon.


Here’s a link to Tape Op’s review of our SU-017. Many thanks to Thom Monahan for taking the time to write such an insightful review.  And big thanks to John Baccagaluppi for shuttling me around to different studios in the Bay Area and showing me his amazing Panorama Studio up the coast!

GEARSLUTZ review of SU-019

This is our very first review from the good folks at Gearslutz. Thank you Peter Dowsett for taking the time to explore our SU-019 FET.

NAMM 2017

NAMM 2017 was a great success for us. We met a lot interesting people and managed to form new relationships with companies in some of the markets we had yet to enter (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Poland and others). Many thanks to Harrison Radie and the other folks at NAMM for getting us into that amazing corner booth right across from Shure! We’ll have a booth in Nashville for Summer NAMM 2017. If you’re there, stop by and say hello.


Associated Press visited our factory in Russia and the article they wrote appeared in the NY Times and Washington Post as well as hundreds of news outlets worldwide.

GERMAN SU-019 Winner

We have a winner of the 2017 German SU-019 giveaway. The lucky guy is
Sebastian Säuberlich! Congratulations Sebastian. We’re looking forward to hearing what you record with your SU-019.


Show Specifications

The SU-017 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone delivers sound that is as rich, warm, solid, and beautiful as its hand-crafted, polished design suggests. Swappable capsules make this high performance microphone at home in a wide range of critical recording applications, from vocals to orchestral instruments.

Features a cardioid capsule with gold-sputtered, hand-tuned 1 inch diaphragm; optional capsules include omnidirectional and figure 8 patterns.

SU017-2 Type- Tube condenser microphone
Capsules- Two 34mm membranes (one gold sputtered)
Frequency Range- 20Hz/20kHz
Polar Pattern- Cardioid (swappable) with optional omnidirectional and figure 8
Sensitivity- 16mV/Pa
Impedance- 270 Ohms
SPL -120 dB Equivalent Noise- 20 dB (a-weighted)
Tube Type- 6G1P
Power- Dedicated power supply- BP - 017
Size- 226mm length x 55mm diameter
Weight- 950g
Extras- wooden microphone box, power supply, 6 pin cable, shock mount


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We're proud to present our brand new SU-019, FET large diaphragm condenser microphone. Featuring the same handmade K67 style capsule as the SU-017, point to point/wire wrap and a proprietary toroidal transformer, the SU-019 has the smooth, rich sound that people have come to expect from Soyuz microphones.


su019-2 Type- Condenser microphone
Capsules- Two 34mm membranes (one gold sputtered)
Frequency Range- 20Hz/20kHz
Polar Pattern- Cardioid (swappable) with optional omnidirectional and figure 8
Sensitivity- 15mV/Pa
Impedance- 200 Ohms
SPL- 140 dB
Equivalent Noise- 18 dB (a-weighted)
Power- 48 V Phantom
Size- 226mm length x 55mm diameter
Weight- 930g
Extras- wooden microphone box




Show Specifications

Boasting the same hand-crafted workmanship as its larger sibling, the SU-011 small diaphragm condenser microphone features an original "dead stock" sub-miniature tube, manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1986. The included cardioid capsule can be swapped for hyper-cardioid or omnidirectional models.

Seeking more adventurous sonic possibilities? The SU-011 can accommodate the capsules the SU-017, giving you both large and small diaphragm options in a small body format.

su011-card-1 su011-omni su011-hypercard Operating Temperature Range: O°C.....+70°C
Storage Temperature Range: -20°C.....+70°C
Humidity Range: 0%...90% at +20°C and 0%...85% at +60°C
tube condenser microphone
Directional Pattern: Cardioid with optional capsules in omni and hypercardioid (sold separately)
Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: cardioid 12 mv/Pa; omni 10 mv/Pa; hypercardioid 14 mv/Pa
Impedance: 150 Ohm
SPL -120 dB Equivalent Noise: less than 18 dB (a-weighted)
Tube Type: 6S6B
Power: Dedicated power supply- BP-011
Size: 26x123mm
Weight: 30 grams
Accessories: 1 SU-011 wooden storage case, 1 BP-011 power supply with power cable, 1 XLR microphone cable (5 meters), 1 SU-011 microphone clip.


Show Specifications

We’re very proud to present the SU-013 small diaphragm condenser microphone. The SU-013 features the same capsule as our SU-011 tube microphone but with a FET pre-amp. We worked very hard to develop our own proprietary transformer, which gives the SU-013 a rich and beautiful sound. It comes in Soyuz’ signature cream and brass as well as in classic black.


su-013-frequency-response-cardioid2 su-013-frequency-response-omni su-013-frequency-response-hypercardioid   Type - FET microphone
Capsule -25mm gold sputtered membrane
Frequency Range - 20Hz / 20kHz
Polar Pattern - Cardioid/switchable capsules: hypercardioid, omni
Sensitivity - 20 mV/Pa
Impedance - 150 Ohms
SPL  - 143 dB
Equivalent Noise  - 16 dB (a-weighted)
Power - Phantom 48V
Size - 122mm length x 25mm diameter (24mm capsule head diameter)
Weight  - 200 grams (single microphone)
Extras  - Wooden microphone box, -10 dB pad, Clip hoolder


SU-013 (#5)
SU-019 FET (#4)
SU-017/U67/C12 (#2)
Welcome to soyuz (#1)
LDC Mic Test


Many great artists, engineers and producers have chosen Soyuz as their go to microphones. A partial list of recent
albums that feature the SU-017 include:

Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams
Shawn Mendes – Illuminate
Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
The Lumineers – Cleopatra
Paramore – Upcoming album

Here is a partial list of producers and engineers who are using Soyuz:

Nigel Godrich (Grammy winner, Radiohead, Beck, Sir Paul M)
Sylvia Massy (Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool)
Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Grammy winner, Paramore, M83)
Butch Walker (Grammy winner, Taylor Swift, Panic! At the Disco)
Rik Simpson (Grammy winner, Coldplay)
Ryan Hewitt (Grammy winner, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flogging Molly)

Here are some examples of Soyuz in action

SU-017. Coldplay.
SU-017. Junun (Jonny Greenwood).
SU-017. Shawn Mendes.
SU-017. Bibio.
SU-011. One OK Rock.
SU-017. Holly Miranda.


“I used them as a cardioid stereo pair on different ensembles and shot them out against my two favorite Neumann pairs KM 54 and KM 84. The good news is, there is no winner!…Very open, beautiful stereo image, great frequency response, very natural, … They are probably the only small diaphragm mics around that can keep up with KM54 and 84…Really good!”
“It blew me away. Had it on a singer and as a center mic on a piano in an MS situation. Compared it to U67 and 47. The 47 is pretty different which was to be expected because of its capsule and the way it is built.
But the 67 – brought to the same level – is very, very similar. What a great mic!”

– Tobias Lehmann
3 time Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer
Teldex Studios, Berlin

“First off I gotta say – it sounds really great man.. I am very impressed. To help my test I put it [the SU-017] up against my best tube U47 – which is my all time favourite mic.. not just U47s in general I mean this exact one.. I own a ton of great mics and this particular 47 is the one I use whenever possible.. it’s my preferred vocal mic. It’s what I reach for.. tried and tested. What was crazy was just how close sounding your mic was to the best mic in the world..!! I mean I could hear a slight tonal difference, but it was really so close I was switching back and forth blind and you could hardly hear the difference. The build quality is also very impressive.. It’s solid and looks nice. I think you have made something special here..! I would definitely say that I would use this mic over many others in practical use..”

– Nigel Godrich (Grammy Award winning producer of Radiohead, Paul McCartney and Beck)

“I tried a mic shootout between five top-end mics, vintage and new. The Soyuz [SU-017] came out on top; it is lush and big,warm, yet also has a wonderful presence that is in no way harsh. A winner!”

– Rik Simpson | Grammy winning producer/engineer, Coldplay

“The Soyuz SU-017 was impressive right out of the gate. It has all the “holy grail” richness, silkiness and air, but I was amazed to hear it never get harsh or strident regardless of who or what I put in front of it. So, I bought one. Since then, it’s become my #1 vocal mic for sure. I try it on everthing and it usually wins.”

– Justin Meldal-Johnsen Producer of M83, Paramore, Tegan and Sara

“A marriage of East and West this stunning new mic from Russian makers Soyuz sounds just as classy as it looks” “The SU-017 looks fabulous and has a sound quality to match. By any standards, this is a really lovely microphone. It is constructed to a very good standard and the craftsmanship is evident throughout”

– Hugh Robjohns | Sound On Sound, May 2015


“Soyuz is on a roll and has fast tracked itself to the top of the microphone arms race”

– Paul Vnuk Jr. | Recording Magazine

“It [the SU-017] is an exceptional mic. Very open and natural top end. Not overly hyped and harsh.”

– Joe Chiccarelli | Producer (The Strokes, Morrissey, My Morning Jacket, Jason Mraz)

“After 25 years, my vintage Telefunken U47 has been pushed to the back of the mic closet. The Soyuz SU-017 is now my first choice for vocals, acoustic guitar or any other musical priority”

– Sylvia Massy | Producer/engineer (Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool)