Bomblet giveaway

Don’t pass up the chance to win a Soyuz SU023, the unique large diaphragm condenser that Sound on Sound editor Sam Inglis called, “a high-quality studio microphone with an attractive, airy sound,” in his April 2018 review. Follow this link  – and enter the drawing. Who knows? This might be your opportunity to take home this handmade beauty and experience the lauded Soyuz sound for yourself.

Success Stories with Soyuz

Sixty Seconds With Soyuz, a series of informative one-minute interviews with engineers, producers, and studio owners, will soon debut on our website. These brief conversations will be dedicated to both personal impressions of Soyuz microphones and to stories relating to their impact on productions and the appreciation of the artists involved in them.

Westlake Pro

Soyuz is proud to announce the addition of one the world’s premier sources of pro audio gear and consulting services to our list of hand-picked dealers. Both Westlake Pro’s original Los Angeles location and new Nashville store are now stocking Soyuz microphones.

Bomblet Shootout

The endlessly informative and entertaining Soyuz YouTube channel is now host to a group of videos concerning the newest Soyuz microphone, the SU023 “Bomblet,” among them a series dedicated to shootouts between the Bomblet and both a Neumann TLM 103 and U87. The videos compare recordings of several instruments at legendary Moscow studio Cinelab.

The USA has Facebook, China has Sina Weibo, and Russia has VKontakte, its largest social networking site and an important force in Russian life. And now Soyuz Microphones has an official page on VK (as it is known). Please give us a visit there if you are on VK.


With its charming , wooden box, Sputnik-like construction, and absolute sonic purity, The Bomblet SU-023 by Soyuz is just that: a gold standard sound capture device whose only limitation is the ear that plugs it in” – Mixdown Magazine

O tamanho não é tudo. Os SU-013 da Soyuz são SDC com circuito FET, e um som gigante. Produzidos à mão na Rússia, estes pequenos diabos irão complementar lindamente a vossa carteira de microfones. #recordingstudio #soyuzmicrophones #handmade #proaudio #studioporn @soyuzmicrophones
Amid ongoing tensions between Russia and the United States, the Soyuz delegation has arrived in NY (note UN building in the background) to plead the case for peace and stability through a shared love of high end pro audio equipment. #soyuzmicrophones #su017 #su023 #su013 #shuttlediplomacy #eastriver #longislandcity
Our flagship SU-017 in the presence of a legend at @grandstreetrecording in Brooklyn. Special thanks to Ken Rich for showing me around your beautiful studio and to Dan Physics for letting them test the 017. #su017 @altomusic_bk @danphysics #soyuzmicrophones #tubemics #telefunken #recording #studiomicrophone
Trying out this beautiful new mic from @soyuzmicrophones in the studio today! Shoutout to Chad from @westlakepro for the hookup. Check out the gorgeous wooden box that is camouflaging on our kitchen island! #soyuzmicrophones
The brand new SOYUZ SU-023 aka "The Bomblet" has now landed at Funky Junk! Based around the capsule of the famous Soviet era LOMO 19a19 and joined with the gorgeous design and craftsmanship of Soyuz Microphones, the new SU-023 is a remarkable sounding large diaphragm condenser microphone for the modern age. Stunning open and rich top end makes it perfect for pop, R&B and soul productions while maintaining controlled sibilants and presence. 100% handmade in the Soyuz factory in Russia, the SU-023 offers unmatched performance and value. Grab yours now before all stock flies! Link: . . . . . #proaudio #microphones #newmics #newmicrophones #Soyuzmics #SoyuzTheBomblet #Bomblet #SU023 #handmade #audiogear #studiomics #recording #piano #acousticguitars #drumoverheads #condensermics #micsofig #Soyuz
GSB GRUPO STUDIO BRAZIL @gsb_proaudio @facitum_ultroneus_audio Sometimes, Russian collusion can be a good thing because @soyuzmicrophones sound fucking sick!! #soyuzmicrophones #westlakepronashville #fuaudio #studiolife
The newest member of the Soyuz family SU-023, aka The Bomblet, is here. The full video is available on our YouTube channel (click the profile link to watch). Leave your comments to let us know what you think about it! #soyuzmicrophones #soyuz #SU023 #TheBomblet #neumann #tubemicrophones #recording #drums #session #studio #neumanntlm103 #neumannu87 #neumanncomparison #studiorecording #recordingstudio